How I Was Able To Effectively Boost My Testosterone Levels

After having a few tests done by a physician last year, due to the fact that I was feeling very tired lately, it turned out that I had very low testosterone levels.

My physician told me that is was incredibly common for men who are my age to have low testosterone and hence, suffer from such things as fatigue and mood swings. I’m currently in my late 40s and noticed such things as lack of energy and drowsiness last year.

As mentioned, It turned out that this was all due to low testosterone. Thankfully, now I have reached a level of healthy testosterone, and here’s how I was able to do so.


The first thing that I did when I found out I had low levels of testosterone was to review all of the different medications that I was taking. My physician told me that it was very common for certain drugs to interfere with the production of testosterone.

I found out that some of the pain medication I was taking had side effects that included lowered levels of testosterone. I immediately consulted my physician about this and he was able to prescribe me with another form of pain medication that would not only be effective, but would not interfere with my testosterone levels.

My physician made it very clear to me that the cause of my low levels of testosterone was because I was living a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle is a lifestyle that consists of very little physical activity and lack of healthy diet.

Ever since I was promoted to a high position in my job, my work schedule became very hectic. This lead me to stop going to the gym as well as stop putting effort into the types of foods that I was eating. It was quite common for me during this period to spend hours upon hours at my desk with little exercise.

Furthermore, my diet mostly consisted of junk food.

Hence, I immediately got a gym subscription again and started to do cardio exercises and weight lifting exercises multiple times a week.

Furthermore, I decided to utilize the services of a nutritionist who was able to create a great diet plan for me that consisted of lots of healthy foods that would benefit my health greatly. He also recommended I try a supplement and gave me his Prime Male review.

Once I did all of this, I noticed that I was feeling a lot more alert, sharp and energized. It was not a surprise that I found out that my testosterone levels were back to a healthy level after I implemented all of these changes.

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