Effectively Treating Painful and Unpleasant Hemmorhoids

witch hazel for hemmorrhoidsHemorrhoids are both very painful and seriously annoying for anyone to experience. Tons of
people are afflicted with this problem, and are hesitant and shy about getting medical

Unfortunately, untreated hemorrhoids can lead to truly severe consequences,
including surgery to fix them.

The main point here is that you should not procrastinate. In addition to that, do not give
up on exploring different treatment solutions, even if many have failed you so far.

When you find proper treatment and take appropriate steps, you can banish hemorrhoids so they
no longer negatively impact your life.

Explore the information here to see different treatment options for hemorrhoids. Some of
these treatment options simply work better than other options, so let’s explore all of the
choices you have right here.

Hemmorroid Creams

When you go to a pharmacy, you will be presented with a ton of different creams and
ointments to choose from. You can simply apply these topical creams on your hemorrhoids to
reduce inflammation and discomfort.

While these creams do give immediate relief, it is a
short term fix and not a true cure. Even if the creams help hemorrhoids disappear, it is
likely they will come back again.

Homeopathic Hemorrhoid Treatments

A lot of doctors do not explore or consider the host of homeopathic hemorrhoid treatments.
This is likely because it’s much easier to simply prescribe pills and ointments.

If possible, it is best to seek out natural remedies for hemorrhoids instead of getting
stuck in a prescription drug cycle. Homeopathic remedies can be more effective long-term,
and you do not have to worry about the dangerous side effects associated with
prescriptions. One of the most popular and herbs used in Homeopathic treatments is witch hazel.


Regardless of the temporary nature of ointments, you should use them to help ease
hemorrhoid pain and discomfort when it begins. This is no miracle fix for you, but it will
certainly give you comfort from this pesky problem.

A Suppository

You may also want to consider using a suppository. A suppository is inserted into your
rectum. These are used to properly lubricate hemorrhoids, which in turn eases the
irritation you are experiencing. The moisturizing effect soothes irritation, which leads
to the healing process you need.

It is considered an effective method of short-term treatment for fairly mild hemorrhoids.
Still, you must keep in mind that hemorrhoids can easily surface again. You will just be
getting some temporary relief from this method.

You can also consider purchasing oral pills that are used to help with blood pressure and
vein tension in the problem areas. Unfortunately, these pills may have some negative side
effects. There is not a lot of strong evidence on how these pills treat the source of

That covers four of the most popularly prescribed and over-the-counter treatments.
Unfortunately, none of these options give you a long-term solution for mild or advanced
hemorrhoids. Many people agree that it is better to find a permanent solution instead of
constantly turning to short-term remedies.

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