Commonly used juicers

Switching to juicing is the healthiest way to go. This is one of the top secrets to having a long life free from diseases since the juice extracted has been known to be a good immune booster to regular users. There are many types of juicers and a good number of people use the centrifugal juicers especially for their speed and efficiency. It is also easy to clean   and a lot of juice is normally extracted.

comparing juicers

The centrifugal juicer

As the name suggests, the centrifugal force is normally applied during the process.  When using the centrifugal juicers, no chopping is usually required since the veggies and fruits are usually pushed down the tube.  The spinning cutter usually slices the fruits and the veggies while the pulp is gently placed within the pulp extractor. This is the best juicer for people who are time conscious and need juice on a daily basis. There are good reasons why many people opt for the centrifugal juicers. First of all, they are easy to use, quicker to clean and are cheaper compared to the other type of juicers.

The slow juicers

As the name suggests, the slow juicers have the ability to retain more nutrients because the fruits are not usually shredded. With this kind of juicing, you will get high yield of juice with all the enzymes.  Another good reason why many people use this kind of juicer is because they can store juice for a maximum of 48 hours and the nutritional value will still be retained. They are also easy to clean, and can extract plenty of juice from the green leafy vegetables which means the juice can be used for a long time. However, the slow juicers are slower and the fruits and vegetables have to be chopped into smaller sizes unlike the centrifugal juicers. Slow juicers are also expensive.

Champion juicer

People who are looking for the juicer that can cut and chew foodstuffs   should use this kind of juicer.  It is well known for its high rotating speed. With the presence of cutting blades and an auger on the other, the grinding usually takes place. The centrifugal force is then applied and the gravitational force is then applied to expel all the juice. The processing time is usually fast, and normally results into a strong color, enriching nutrient and rich flavor. Some of the products that can be well produced with such machines include baby foods and nut butters.

Masticating juicer

These juicers have high speed of rotation. As the name suggests, these juicers have the ability to chew, and grind the foodstuffs into a smooth pulp. Everything is done into a fine consistency. These juicers are also affordable.

As you can see there are many options and so many variants that these juicers have that both make them unique and also efficient at the same time. There is a juicer that suites your needs if you just go out and look for it.

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