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How to Make It as a Female Body Builder

Initially body building was a reserve for the male species alone. In the recent past females have also embraced it. More and more women engage in body building exercises for various reasons. They also desire to have built muscles for that sexy well-built body. They have also embraced it for the sole reason of keeping […]

Commonly used juicers

Switching to juicing is the healthiest way to go. This is one of the top secrets to having a long life free from diseases since the juice extracted has been known to be a good immune booster to regular users. There are many types of juicers and a good number of people use the centrifugal […]

Tips For Choosing A Good Driving Instructor In Belfast

Are you eager to drive and are looking for the best driving instructor in Belfast? Depending on the type of instructor you find, learning how to drive might be effortless or hard. Being that there are lots of driving instructors around, you need to take some time before choosing anyone. Use these helpful tips to […]

How to apply Gynexol

The world over a third of the male population suffers from the distressing condition of Gynecomastia. It sounds like a big and complicated disease but, is neither. It is a very normal occurrence in most teenage boys and some men. Within, the breast size of men increases to look like that of a young girl. […]

How I Was Able To Effectively Boost My Testosterone Levels

After having a few tests done by a physician last year, due to the fact that I was feeling very tired lately, it turned out that I had very low testosterone levels. My physician told me that is was incredibly common for men who are my age to have low testosterone and hence, suffer from […]

3 Natural Testosterone Boosting Habits

Testosterone is often associated with the epitome of manliness though women also share the hormone. Men produce the hormone in their testicles and it dramatically impacts many of the bodily functions like male sexuality, reproductive systems, muscle mass and hair growth as well as some other less sexy but equally vital functions like regulating bone […]

Proper Nutrition for Building Muscle

If you want to increase your lean muscle mass and decrease your body fat percentage, you know that you need to be working out. That one is obvious. What’s less obvious is how you should be tweaking your diet to help with your muscle building goals. First of all, you need to increase your consumption […]

Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells | Which Model Is Best? 552 or 1090

Here is a link to the video on YouTube: Which model of Bowflex dumbbells is best? I can’t make up my mind between the SelectTech 552’s and the 1090’s. Has anyone tried these before? What do you think? Also if you buy these weights, I think your need to get a bench and a […]