How to apply Gynexol

The world over a third of the male population suffers from the distressing condition of Gynecomastia. It sounds like a big and complicated disease but, is neither. It is a very normal occurrence in most teenage boys and some men. Within, the breast size of men increases to look like that of a young girl. Hence, the men are no longer flat chested. This condition raises a lot of concern because it tends to strike a man where it hurts the most – his Pride. Self-confidence suffers a major setback and embarrassment is a constant companion.



All men do not find surgery a very viable option. This is because surgery is costly, involves a long recuperation time and carries all risks that any normal surgical procedure would have. To top it all, your life is put on hold until you are well enough to continue with your normal daily routine. Worst of all, everyone wants to know because the surgery. So, a fact that you have been hiding from others, for most of your life becomes common knowledge.


To take away worry and cheer you up, even when you feel most dejected because you have tried everything but, nothing works, comes Gynexol. Gynexol is a form of body sculpting cream that helps to reduce the size of man boobs.


How to Apply Gynexol

Gynexol is a cream based product. Hence, no special science goes into its application. You can read the instructions on its label for application. If you are still not clear then, you can go to its official website to know the same. Furthermore, looking at any prominent search engine will also guide you to websites that tell about the application of Gynexol.


General instruction for the application of Gynexol cream would be to do a small patch test first. This way you will come to know if your skin will accept the cream or not. That is, a patch test confirms the sensitivity of your skin towards a given product. Any sensitivity of skin might be an indication of the cream not suiting your skin. If there are no problems with the patch test then, you need to apply this cream minimum once and maximum twice daily. The cream needs to be applied to the affected breast and gently massaged until it is completely absorbed by the skin. The important thing to remember is that it is a natural product hence it should not have any adverse effects. But, if you still feel any then discontinue its use until you can consult a doctor or the manufacturers of this cream. Also, twice a day is the maximum permissible limit for its application. So, never assume that the more you apply, the most beneficial it would be. In fact, too frequent use might cause skin irritation or other related problems. After all, too much of anything is bad.


As far as possible, always follow the instructions given by the manufacturers. This is because clinical testing of the product is done based on these general guidelines. So, to get similar results as claimed by the manufacturer you need to apply the cream as per their instructions.

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